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The Indoor Bowling season has now come to a close with Woodley A finishing in 2nd place in the first division only finishing behind winners Poynton sports by 1 point as it came down to the last game of the season with the team needing 50 points to clinch the title, although the A team came 2nd in the league they did however win the knockout cup beating Woodbank in the final, and also well done to June and Chris Crowther winning the first division avergaes only losing one game all season. Woodley B have had a fairly good season finishing in 8th place, although this is not quite as good as last season it's still been a good season for the second team, and they will be hoping to finish higher next season. Woodley C have had a really good season finishing in 4th place in the second divison, this has been big improvement after avoiding relegation from the second division last year. Woodley D have also had a better season than the last finishing 5th in the third division this year.

Sunday 29th November Result.. Smithy Green A 49 - 30 Woodley D

Thursday 26th November Result.. Poynton A 59 - 24 Woodley B

Wednesday 25th November Result.. Woodley D 53 - 40 Wythenshawe B

Thursday 24th November Result.. Wythenshawe A 41 - 58 Woodley A

Monday 23rd November Result.. Woodley C 60 - 16 Poynotn B

Thursday 19th November Result.. Woodley A 49 - 31 Morley Green A

Wednesday 18th November Result.. Woodley B 52 - 42 Woodbank

Woodley A beat Avons to progress into the next round of the knockout cup

Thursday 12th November Result.. Woodbank 41 - 54 Woodley A

Wednesday 11th November Result.. Woodley D 60 - 23 Heald Gren B

Tuesday 10th November Result.. Bents Lane B 59 - 37 Woodley C

Tuesday 10th November Result.. Woodley A 59 - 41 St Albans A

Monday 9th November Result.. Woodley A 51 - 21 Avons

Sunday 8th November Result.. Poynton A 52 - 39 Woodley A

Sunday 1st November Result.. Woodley A 60 - 13 Morley Green B

Tuesday 3rd November Result.. Cheadle A 60 - 25 Woodley D

Monday 2nd November Result.. Woodley C 60 - 27 Hazel Grove B

Sunday 1st November Result.. Hazel Grove A 60 - 22 Woodley B

Tuesday 27th October Result.. Woodley A 60 - 17 Cherrytree

Tuesday 27th October Result.. Wythenshawe A 60 - 32 Woodley B

Tuesday 27th October Result.. Bramhall Village 60 - 27 Woodley D

Monday 26th October Result.. Woodley C 53 - 37 Brinnington

Wednesday 21st October Result.. Woodley A 58 - 34 Woodley B

Monday 19th October Result.. Woodley C 60 - 26 GMSCC B

Sunday 18th October Result.. Smithy Green B 60 - 29 Woodley D

Woodley A beat St Albans A in the first round of the knockout cup unfortunatley the B, C and D teams all lost their respective games.

Friday 9th October Result.. Haughton Green 59 - 33 Woodley C

Wednesday 7th October Result.. Woodley D 60 - 24 Denton CC

Tuesday 6th October Result.. Bramhall Village A 28 - 60 Woodley A

Monday 5th October Result.. Woodley B 52 - 40 Morley Green A

Tuesday 29th September Result.. Cheadle B 60 - 23 Woodley D

Monday 28th September Result.. Woodley C 56 - 40 Bents Lane A

Sunday 27th September Result.. St Albans A 60 - 5 Woodley B

Wednesday 23rdSeptember Result.. Woodley D 60 - 26 Queensgate

Sunday 20th September Result.. St Albans B 60 - 18 Woodley C

The indoor season or 2015/16 has begun results for each team will follow

The Indoor season has come to a close and in the 1st division the A team finished the season in 3rd place and won the division cup, the B team in there first season in the first 1st division managed to finish in 7th place. The C team in the second division managed to finish just above relegation zone and the 4th team in division 3 managed to finish 7th.

Friday 27th March Result.. HWMC 37 - Woodley D 45

Thursday 26th March Result.. Woodbank 38 - Woodley A 57

Wednesday 25th March Results.. Woodley D 60 - Cheadle A 18 and GMSSC B 49 - Woodley C 30

Tuesday 24th March Result.. Woodley A 45 - St Albans A 45

Monday 23rd March Result.. Woodley B 55 - Bramhall Village A 29

Thursday 17th March Result.. Woodley B 39 - St Albans A 58

Wednesday 18th March Result.. Woodley A 60 - Avons 17

Sunday 15th March Result.. Hazel Grove A 60 - Woodley B 19

Monday 9th March Results.. Morley Green A 57 - Woodley A 40 and Woodley B 41 - Poynton A 54

Friday 6th March Result.. Hazel Grove A 50 - Woodley A 42

Thursday 5th March Result.. Cherrytree 60 - Woodley B 22

Tuesday 3rd March Result.. Cale Green 60 - Woodley D 30

Monday 2nd March Result.. Woodley C 60 - Wythenshawe A 14

Monday 23rd February result.. Cherrytree 43 - Woodley A 58

Friday 20th February result.. Haughton Green 48 - Woodley B 38

Wednesday 18th February result... Woodley A 52 - Poynton A 40

Monday 16th February result... Woodley C 60 - Brinnington 36

Monday 9th February result... Woodley B 58 - Morley Green A 45

Friday 6th February result.. Woodley C 60 - Smithy Green A 10

Wednesday 4th February result.. Woodley A 60 - Bramhall Village A 15

Tuesday 3rd February result... Avons 48 - Woodley B 46

Wythenshawe B 60 - Woodley D 20

Sunday 1st February, Congratulations Woodley A, winners of the Stockport Metro Indoor Bowling Knockout Cup, beating St Albans in the final 54-35.

Wednesday 28th January Result... Great Moor A 56 - Woodley C 43

Wednesday 28th January Result.. Woodley D 60 - Queensgate 7

Monday 26th January result.. Woodley B 54 - Woodbank 40

Sunday 18th January results...

Hazel Grove B 42 - Woodley A 49

St Albans A 60 - Woodley B 17

Congratulations Woodley C on beating Woodbank in the quarter finals of the cup.

Woodley C will now play Woodley A, Sunday 1st February @ Ladybridge Residents Club in the semi - finals.

Monday 12th January result - Knock out Cup Competition

Woodley A 46 - Woodley B 44 (+11)

After a good first half Woodley A looked in control, but in the second half Woodley B fought back well making it a close finish.

Congratulations to the Woodley trio of Win Thompson, Bob Thompson and Geoff Griffiths on winning the Stockport triples.

Knock out cup competition quarter finals, Monday 12th January @ Morley Green 7:30pm start Woodley A v Woodley B.

Wednesday 7th January result.. Woodley A 60 - Haughton Green 20.

Monday 22nd December result.. Woodley B 28 - Woodley A 60.

Tuesday 16th December result.. Avons 34 - Woodley A 52.

Monday 15th December result.. Woodley B 52 - Hazel Grove A 42.

Wednesday 10th December result.. Woodley A 60 - Woodbank 28.

Tuesday 9th December result... Bramhall Village A 54- Woodley B 43.

Monday 8th December result... Woodley C 50 - GMSSC B 46.

Indoor Winners 2013/14


Wednesday 3rd December result... After a very long night with some really close games, the over all score was a draw well played both teams.

Woodley A 54 - 54 Woodley B.

We had support from other clubs as well.


Monday 1st December result. Woodley C 57 - Green Park 36.

Stockport Metro Pairs Competition 2014.

Well done too David Heatley & Daniel Sands and June & Chris Crowther for reaching the semi-finals of the metro pairs. David & Daniel played really well and went on to reach the final they played against Peter & David Roberts from St Albans. It was a really good final it came down to the last end to decide the winners, unlucky David & Daniel.

Congratulations Peter & David from all at Woodley.

Stockport Metro Pairs Competition 2013

Well done to June and Chris Crowther who beat Mike and Lyn Clancy in the final.